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Progressive Technology with Innovative Walk in baths

Innovation through the progressive technology today continues to amaze consumers with a myriad of exciting products in the market; one of them is the walk in baths that are making great waves in homes and hotels.


Walk in baths are specially designed to provide the best of safety and easy access for a luxurious bath experience. There is a large standing area with a deep soaking facility to make it easy and safe for the young and old to take a bath at any time.

It is an ideal solution especially for the disabled, the elderly or those recuperating from an illness. Mobility problems can be overcome with walk in baths where comfort and convenience come first. A walk in bath allows consumers with mobility concerns to step over the edge of the bath easily without losing their sense of balance and control. Hence, there is less likelihood of slips and falls during the bath.
A small change in the design of the bathtub or shower space makes a great difference to the consumers to enjoy their bath or shower all the time.

Variety of baths

Walk in baths can come in a variety of shapes and sizes as a deep soak tub or a sit down/stand up shower. The flexibility and dynamism of this great product come to astound and meet the needs of consumers today.
There are a variety of walk in baths that can be tailored to different homes and consumers’ needs or preferences depending also on the space and budget or purpose. A walk in bath differs from the traditional baths which can be problematic and dangerous for elderly, the disabled and young children who may fall into the tub and hurt themselves.

A walk in bath can also be a shower space which is ideal for consumers to ensure safety while taking a bath. Although there are standard walk in baths, custom made options are preferred by many consumers who want the right fit in their bath spaces.

There can be walk in baths that allow sit down bathing for the weak or a sit up bath for those who want a great soak without struggling to get to the bottom. A sturdy yet simple folding seat can be incorporated with sit in showers or baths.

There can be an inclusion of a clicker waste plug to facilitate the drainage of water after the bath or shower without the consumer having to bend down. These are great safety measures in the bath space for any consumer to avoid potential accidents.

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Easy Access Showers for Refreshing Bath

After a hectic day, a luxurious bath is the best way to unwind. Easy access showers are the perfect option for a safe and refreshing bath. Shower baths are designed to fit into any space. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you can find an appropriate shower suitable for your entire family.

A luxurious bath is an integral part of households in UK. Apart from cleaning your body, a bath helps to rejuvenate the body. By installing a luxurious bath or shower, you convert the bathroom of your house into a peaceful retreat where you can pamper your stressed body and beat the fatigue of a stressful life.

Features of Easy Access Showers


The stylish showers and baths are designed to blend with the decor of the bathroom. Offering a wide range of color options, the bath complements the flooring, tiles, lighting and other furniture in the bathroom. By installing a luxurious bath, a modest bathroom is easily transformed into an upscale bathroom. Apart from boosting the appearance of the bathing area of your house, a well-designed bathroom helps to conceal flaws in the flooring or walls. Hence, homeowners can avoid the hassle of redecorating the bathroom following installation of an easy access shower.


Easy access walk in baths or showers offer the highest level of comfort. The luxurious bath compartment is designed to work as stand up and sit down shower as well as a deep soak tub. Hence, different bathing options are combined in a single walk in bath.


Premier baths and showers are designed to protect the bather from slipping and tripping. The easy access baths feature low door threshold. To prevent falls, grab rails are attached to the shower bath. Moreover, the glazed doors of the bath slide smoothly to allow the bather to access the bath easily. To eliminate the risk of tripping, opt for a shower bath with magnetic curtains. To prevent the bathwater from overheating, good quality baths come with thermostatically controlled showers. Comfort combines with safety in premier showers and baths to give bathers the best bathing experience.

Easy Maintenance

The low maintenance of the premier easy access showers makes them the best choice for households with children and elderly. The double plugholes present in the floor of the bath ensure quick draining. The high quality finish protects the bath from molds. Occasional rinsing is sufficient for maintaining the glistening appearance of the easy access showers.

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